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Letter from Launceston

Interest in the Soldiers’ Avenue in the district of Franklin Village continues to increase, the avenue being now extended to Breadalbane. On Saturday afternoon there was a busy scene whilst 30 trees were planted and guarded. In order to expedite matters the committee members had dug holes for the trees during the forenoon, so that the actual planing was quickly accomplished. Mr. Dean had charge of the proceedings, and on the arrival of several carloads of soldiers from the Base Hospital, the ceremony commenced. Mr. L Atkinson, MHR, spoke in the highest appreciation of the avenue as a memorial for the boys who had answered the Empire’s call, two of whom, Roy Dean and Harold Chugg, now slept in the solders’ graves n France. Mr. Atkinson planted the first tree. Some of the soldiers and many other helpers soon competed the labour of love. Afternoon tea was served in the school-room, where flags of the allies, branches of the Cootamundra wattle, and bowls of violets were used effectively as decorations, During the tea hour much pleasure was given by Mrs Geoffrey Grubb and Miss Eileen Kildea, who contributed songs. The National Anthem was lustily sung by the company. Through the kindly donations of cheques from Messrs. L Atkinson, MHR, D Viney (Warden), Councillors Hughes, J Atkin, Mr. R J McKenzie MLC and the promise of other assistance, the committee will continue the avenue at an early date.

Weekly Courier July 25th 1918 p28


The soldiers’ avenue committee consisting of Messrs Dean (chairman), [obscure] R Hughes, Geoff Grubb, [obscure], Lloyd Hughes, J Conacher, S Hogarth and W Matheson[obscure] met on the [obscure]. A cheque from the Hon. R McKenzie MLC was received with thanks. It was decided to have the tree-planting on the 20th June, when about 40 trees will be forthcoming. Enthusiasm is rife and the ceremony should be most interesting.

Examiner July 3rd 1918 p4


The past phase of tree-planting for this season came to pass at Breadalbane on Saturday, when twenty trees of various varieties were added to “The Avenue.” Fifty-seven trees have contributed to this section, twelve of which now grace the green, where they make a pleasing contrast to its former array of briars and rubbish. Tree-planting has caught on firmly here. Last week the committee met to discuss the balance-sheet and other matters, and it was decided to continue operations next year, when doubtless the same fine enthusiasm will be evinced. Votes of thanks were unanimously accorded to Mr. Dean, the redoubtable secretary; Mr. Conacher, marshal of guards; and the ladies, who provide the inevitable and acceptable afternoon tea on each tree day.

Examiner July 23rd 1918 p4


Soldiers’ Avenue

On Saturday the Breadalbane village was en fete, the occasion being the inauguration of this section of the Soldiers’ Avenue. in the forenoon the committee dug holes, and had everything in readiness for the afternoon ceremony. The arrival of car loads of returned soldiers from Launceston Base Hospital was the signal to get into action. Mr. L Atkinson, MHR, expressed his admiration of the idea of the Soldiers’ Avenue, which was a beautiful tribute to the lads who answered the Empire’s call – two of them, Roy Dean and Harold Chugg, sleep in soldiers’ graves in France. The Warden (Mr. D Viney) also expressed sympathy with the proceedings. Mr. Dean marshalled his forces, and , after, the planting of the first tree by Mr. Atkinson and some soldiers, merry squads in which each family in the district was represented, and aided by some of the boys, soon had thirty trees entrenched and well guarded, Mr. Conacher’s business-like guards being quite a feature of the occasion. Afternoon tea was set out in the schoolroom, where the allies’ flags and masses of Cootamundra wattle.

Examiner August 14th 1918 p6


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