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A Soldiers' Avenue

Activity at Bream Creek

Some months ago it was decided to plant trees at Bream Creek in honour of the soldiers who have gone to the front and on Friday, July 12, this plan was carried out with great success. The trees were planted in the grounds of the Bream Creek-hall, and consist of pines of various kinds, and English tree, put in alternately. There are 24 trees, one for each family, whose sons are doing their bit, and representing 36 men in all. Great interest was shown in the planting.
When all the work was done, afternoon tea was served in the hall. Afterwards a short meeting was held, and a committee of nine appointed to manage all welcomes and farewells to soldiers of the district.

Mercury July 20th 1918 p8


Bream Creek Notes

An Avenue of Honour

Recently Bream Creek Show Ground was a hive of activity. A happy crowd of relatives and friends of the Bream Creek soldiers were there planting trees. The land in the vicinity is very poor, so loads of soil had to be carted in which to plant the trees. After the work was finished, workers and visitors were invited to afternoon tea in the hall.

Bream Creek
Southern Tasmania
July 23

Weekly Courier July25 1918 p31

Note that the two descriptions differ in their descriptions of the exact location of the trees. This may due to error or changes in the standard descriptions of the area: the two sites as they exist now are not adjacent though not distant from each other.









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