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Tree Planting at Burnie

Yesterday afternoon a fair number of residents assisted the Tourist Association in planting 68 trees on the beach side of the road between Emu River bridge and Wivenhoe railway crossing. The planting was for the dual object of serving as a memorial to the local boys who have taken part in the war and giving the main artier to the town a pleasant appearance. Mrs Chatwin, who has lost one son out of here at the front, planted the first tree, and Mr. O G Norton (Warden of Emu Bay) addressed the gathering in terms appropriate to the occasion. About 40 additional trees will be planted, probably next week, to complete the stretch, and the association is hopeful that a fitting title for it will be chosen before the work is finished.

Mercury July 8th 1918 p2


Burnie Tourist Association Annual Meeting

Last August it was resolved to perpetuate the memory of all soldiers who had enlisted at Burnie by planting a tree to which would be attached a metal disc bearing the name of a solider. The necessary holes were dug but suitable trees were not obtainable; the work would be proceeded with on the sea front at Wivenhoe, where the residents had promised to care for them.

The Advocate and Times May 14th 1918 p3


Soldiers’ Avenue That portion of the main road from the Wivenhoe station to the Emu Bridge will be shortly known as the Soldiers’ Avenue in memory of soldiers who have enlisted from the Emu Bay Municipality and Wivenhoe in particular. The Tourist Association have the matter in hand, and working bees at the Fern Glade have cut 300 posts and 800 pickets for the tree-guards. In addition to this post it is proposed to plant 20 soldiers’ trees at West Beach, making 150 for this year. On Saturday week it is proposed to plant the trees, ad put guards up by means of a working bee. Parents of soldiers will be invited to take part in the planting.

The Advocate and Times June 4th 1918 p3


Soldiers’ Avenue

A party of enthusiasts whose pleasure on Saturday afternoons lies in the improvement of the fern glade intend spending next Saturday afternoon on the esplanade at Wivenhoe putting up guards ready for the trees which are to be planted later on as part of the scheme to keep evergreen the memory of the soldiers who enlisted from Emu Bay. This stretch of road will be known as the Soldiers’ Avenue, after a little ceremony, which will take place on the day of the planting, and the trees will bear the names of Wivenhoe soldiers in particular. The trees have not yet come to hand, but further information on the part of the scheme will probably be available at the meeting of the Tourist Association this evening.

The Advocate and Times June 12th 1918 p3


Soldiers’ Avenue

On Saturday afternoon, a large gathering assembled at Wivenhoe, the eastern entrance to Burnie, when an avenue of trees was planted to commemorate the memory of fallen soldiers and others who enlisted at Burnie. The Warden (Mr. O C Norton) made a suitable speech, and in conclusion congratulated the residents of Wivenhoe for offering to look after the trees; and implored them to teach their children to reverence the trees, as each one of them was planed to the memory of a hero. The honour of planting the first tree was allotted to Mrs Chatwin, one of the oldest residents of the district, and the mother of three soldiers, one having given his life. The scene was an impressive one, men standing with bared heads during the planting operations, which took place under a fluttering Union Jack. Many mothers were observed weeping when cheers were called for our splendid men. Relatives were handed a numbered tree, and under the supervision of several experts 97 out of 100 trees were planted before dusk. In several instances trees were planted opposite the houses in which the lads weer born. The movement was organised by the local Tourist Association. This body is to be congratulated, as it is believed to be the fist avenue to be completed in Tasmania to the memory of our soldiers. The ladies of Wivenhoe provided the workers with afternoon tea.

Examiner July 8th p2


Soldiers’ Trees The West Beach presented an animated scene on Saturday afternoon when tree planting in commemoration of our soldiers was continued by the Tourist Association. Similar work was conducted by members at the River Emu.

Examiner July 9th p4


The Burnie Tourist and Progress Association met on Tuesday night. …. The Soldiers’ Memorial Avenue had been completed, 165 trees having been planted and protected by three-sided guards. The secretary was authorised to allot numbers to relatives, numbers corresponding to trees to commemorate soldiers hailing from the municipality.

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