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Letter from Launceston

A ceremony that created a large amount of interest took place at Franklin Village on Saturday afternoon when the Premier (Hon H V Lee) planted the first tree in the Soldiers’ Avenue, which is to extend from Franklin Village to Youngtown. There were many people present. Mr C Kelly acted as spokesman in introducing the Premier, whom he asked to plant the first tree in memory of Private W Hyde, the first of the boys of the village to make the supreme sacrifice. The tree had been given by Mr C B Grubb. In subsequent remarks the Premier offered sincerest sympathy to the parents of the late gallant soldier, and said that whist they mourned the loss of a son they were soothed in a degree by his noble death in so great a cause. Mr Lee also spoke of the splendid response the district had made in the call to arms by sending every available man between the ages of 18 and 45 years. In complimenting the residents upon devising the splendid scheme of a soldiers’ avenue of trees the Premier mentioned that he had been informed that King’s Meadows and Breadalbane had decided to have an avenue each. This would link up several miles along the road, and he hoped in the future to have the pleasure of driving in the state motorcar through an avenue extending from Launceston to Hobart. The Hon R J McKenzie MLC agreed with the premier relative to the north-south avenue. He would also like to see the north-west with a soldiers’ avenue. Mr McKenzie applauded the people for thus honouring the men who had volunteered for service, and urged them to use their endeavours to induce others to enlist, so that the stain on Australia’s honour might be wiped out in the matter of the disbanding battalions. In all 36 trees were planted before dusk crept on, and to each was nailed a Union Jack. Mr and Mrs Kelly, “The Hollies”, entertained the Premier and Mrs Lee and the Hon R J McKenzie and Mrs McKenzie at afternoon tea. In the school hall afternoon tea was dispensed to everybody.

Weekly Courier June 13th 1918 p27 c4

Launceston Letter

The soldiers’ avenue of trees (started about a month ago at Franklin Village) is now completed between Young Town to Relbia road with the exception of two trees yet to be planted. The residents of these villages on the Hobart road have been most energetic in their work, and have surely set an example for others to follow. It is a beautiful idea to perpetuate the memory of the soldiers who have made the supreme sacrifice for home and country. Also is the idea splendid in being the means of proving our appreciation of the brave boys who are fortunate in coming home again. A busy band of workers kept going until dusk on Saturday afternoon, and tea was provided by Mesdames Kelly, Hyde and Luck. The avenue will be a grand asset to the public highway, and in the days of peace (to which we look forward with heart yearning), when the horrors of war will be but a memory, Tasmanians will have this splendid memorial to show travellers form many lands, who in years to come will visit our island state. Infants of today (the men and women of the future) will tell to the strangers the story of the memorial avenue.

Weekly Courier July 14th p27









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