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Soldiers’ Colonnade at Glenora

Probably the most important function ever witnessed at Glenora took place on Saturday afternoon, when the grand colonnade was planted in honour of the fallen soldiers of the Upper Derwent. Despite heavy rain, enthusiastic work-men, with Mr. V W Shoobridge at their head, continued the preparatory work all the morning. Their efforts were rewarded, for the morning was heralded with beautiful sunshine, and the rest of the operations were conducted under ideal conditions, the rain having proved more of a blessing than otherwise. Long before 3 o’clock the greatest working bee the district has ever produced was filed up along the half-mile of road where the trees were to be planted, and every tool, from a hammer to a spade, that could be gathered in the district was busily wielded by workmen – returned soldiers, clerks, farmers tradesmen etc. The Warden, with an introductory three cheers for the King, which were lustily given, opened the ceremony. Mr Dan said he wished to thank the people of Glenora for the honour conferred upon him, and also to congratulate the tree-planting committee and the residents on their enthusiasm and success in their undertaking. He might truthfully say Semper Primus, Glenora, as in all matters relating to loyalty and patriotism, this district had either been top or next door to it. (Applause.) Their efforts at recruiting had been most remarkable, as their honour roll would show. (Applause.) He explained that the council, in shelving construction of this colonnade for a month, had done so vowing to a proposal to have a grand avenue planted at National-park in honour of all the soldiers who had done active service from the municipality. He impressed upon his hearers that the war must be fought to a finish. They had put their shoulders to the wheel, and let them not turn back. He was proud to be present at the planting of the colonnade. No honour was too great to confer on those who had sacrificed their all for them. (Applause.) He trusted the trees would flourish. Mr. Dean planted the first tree in memory of Gilbert Roy Evans, who died in January 1915. He said: - By virtue of the power vested in me as Warden of this municipality, I name these trees the Soldiers’ Colonnade.

At the call of Mr. Dean, those assembled gave cheers for the fallen soldiers and the committee who had suitably engineered the function.

The chairman of committee (Mr. F W Hume) said that the trees belonged to the people, and he trusted they would always do their best to protect them.

Mr. V N Shoobridge (secretary) thanked all heartily for their kind assistance, including the ladies who had contributed lunches for the for the [afternoon tea?] especially the members of the Girls’ Club and Red Cross.

Tree planting continued till 6 p.m., by which time all the 59 trees had been planted and protected.

The following is a list of the fallen: Gilbert Roy Evans, Trevor Sweeney, Edward Somerville Hope, Walter John Riley, Malcolm James McWatt, Matthew William Clark, Richard Robert Higgins, Donald Brown, Charles James Lee, Richard g Jarvis, Henry Jarvis, George Wright, Stephen Sullings, John Joseph Ryan, William Vernon Downie, Robert Richard Downie, Robert Richard Rennie, Victor Alfred Capstick, Edwin Clifford, Harry Alfred Hack, Norman Daniel Sweeney, Roy Butler, Albert Ernest Salier, Arthur George Ransley, Gerald Morris, John Thomas Alfred O’Neal, Edney Shadwick, Darrell Vernon Bentley, Kenneth James Gittus, Walter James McGinley, Albert Arthur Reader, Arthur Wells, Claude Gittus, Dudley Marriott, Roy St Clair Mason, William Arthur Harris, Lionel Eric Chalmers, Thomas George Heffernan, Arthur Shoobridge Atkins, Leslie James Clifford, William Peglar, Alfred Charles Slade, William Henry McGinley, Sidney Butler, Leslie Pearce, William John Hathaway, John Wesley Cossom, Leslie Albert Gittus, Francis Joseph Mackey, William George Edward Woolley, Thomas Bowden, Athelstan William Shoobridge, Albert Victor Larsen, Robert Bertram Hill, Archibald Claude Collins, James S J Parsissons, Robert Nelson Lewis, George R D Cordwell, Percy Binns, Maurice Ryan.

Mercury September 3rd 1918 p5


Macquarie Plains Soldiers’ Avenue

Saturday, the last day of August 1918, will be a day long remembered by the large crowd of men, women, and children who gathered together at Macquarie Plains to do honour to the brave boys who went from the district to the war, and who have laid down their lives for their country. A tree was planted to commemorate the memory of every boy who has made the supreme sacrifice. Amongst those present were Hon. Ellis Dean (Warden), Mr. Rex (council clerk), Councillors Rider, H Shoobridge, and F Marshall, Captain Roberts, and Dr Morgan of Hamilton. The Warden planted the first tree in memory of Roy Evans, the first boy from the district who was killed in Egypt; the second, Pte Trevor Sweeney; third, Pte Edward Hope; and fourth, Walter Hope. in a stirring speech, he reminded the people of what these lads had done for us. He hoped the people would take good care of the trees n honour of the brave boys who would never come back. He called for three cheers for them. Mr. Hume (chairman of the committee) supplemented what the Warden had said. Mr. V W Shoobridge (secretary of the committee) said the trees would live for a thousand years and all that time they would keep in the minds of t eh people what these boys had done. Cheers were given for the committee and for the Red Cross ladies, who had provided afternoon tea for the workers and for the Warden.

Examiner September 3rd 1918 p5


Bushy Park

Also a colonnade of 70 memorial trees (Horse Chestnuts) one for each soldier whose name is on the honour roll who has fallen at the front. These trees are protected by substantial guard and a name plate on each.
V Shoobridge Hon Sec December 20th,1920

AWM N/C278 Memorial Clippings: Record of Memorials


Macquarie Plains

Local memorial erected in the Upper Derwent Hall at Bushy Park.
Also a colonnade of Horse Chestnut trees planted along road to Railway Station (70) to commemorate the fallen.
Vincent W Shoobridge Hon Sec to Soldiers Memorial 7th Jan 1921.

AWM N/C279 Memorial Clippings Record of Memorials






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