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Other Tasmanian Avenues - Gretna

Memorial Avenue at Gretna Church

A plan to erect a memorial avenue of trees at the approach to St Mary’s Church of England, Gretna, was confirmed at the annual meeting of parishioners. The rector of Macquarie Plains (the Rev T B McCall) presided.
The idea was formulated by a former rector (the Rev K J Hughes) now stationed in Burnie.

The proposed scheme is to plant trees next year when the church reaches its 99th anniversary. They will be placed in a avenue formation outside the church gate and each tree will be in memory of a well-known Gretna family. They will be cared for by members of the families they commemorate. The following committee was formed: Messrs McCall (chairman), T B Ayre, J S Adams, E A J Cannell, Mesdames O Geard, R D Rainbird, and F G Downie.

Mercury August 1st 1946


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