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Bridge-Berriedale Highway
Memorial Trees Proposed

Tasmania cannot lay very much claim to beautiful roads, but within a few years we will be able to claim that at least four of the many hundreds of miles of highway are “just like St Kilda Road.” I refer to the new road being built from Berriedale to the Hobart Bridge. This new entrance to the city will be 150ft wide, compared with the average of 60ft for highways throughout the State, and will provide two traffic lanes with a centre-line of trees. It was pleasing that the Servicemen’s Parents and Wives’ Association decided at its annual meeting this week to plant trees in the centre and on either side of this road in memory of men who lost their lives in the Second World War. They are endeavouring to obtain a complete list of names and plant a tree in memory of each man. Besides beautifying the road, this seems a worthy method of commemoration.

Mercury August 1st, 1947



Memorial Avenue Proposed Along Outlet Road For Hobart

Plans have been made for a memorial avenue along the boulevarde being constructed as a new northern outlet for Hobart.

This was announced yesterday by Mr. G Limb (State president) and Mr. R Hudspeth (Hobart Branch president) of the Servicemen’s Parents and Wives’ Association.
They have been assured by the Treasurer (Mr. Brooker) of Government support for the scheme.

Mr. Limb said that it was proposed to plant a memorial tree for each Southern Tasmania servicemen who lost his life in the Second World War.
The memorial would be for those from districts from Oatlands and south, and Queenstown.

Cenotaphs, community centres, and other forms of memorials had an excellent purpose, but they commemorated servicemen collectively, he said.
A tree planted for each fallen servicemen would be an individual tribute and a living and lasting memorial.

A fund of £130 was already in existence, a public appeal probably would be made later.

Mr. Brooker had been sympathetic to the plan and had undertake to obtain the names and other details of those for whom the memorial was intended.
The trees probably would be planted at a special Arbor Day ceremony, and it was hoped that maintenance would be undertaken by the Government, municipal authorities, and possibly by relatives of the fallen.

The scheme is in the hands of a committee consisting of the Lord Mayor (Mr. Osborne), Ald J E Cuthbertson, Messrs G Limb, I V Thornicroft, J M Firth, W Colwell, F Chilvers, J Walker (Launceston) and Miss M M Somerville.

Mercury March 2nd, 1948


Pioneer Avenue.

“The Avenue will be extended through the northern suburbs of Hobart when a new arterial outlet, now under construction is completed. Here the trees will commemorate men who died in World War II.”

Melbourne Post May 20th 1948



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