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Jericho Planting

Jericho, in common with most places, decided to plant a number of trees to perpetuate the memory of the brave lads who have left home to fight for freedom. The day proved favourable, with the result that there was a nice gathering, apart from the relatives concerned. A number of people journeyed from Oatlands, thus showing a patriotic spirit, and the function proved so successful that Jericho residents are to be congratulated. The number of trees planted was 27, and it is gratifying that a small place like Jericho had that number of patriotic young men willing to shoulder the rifle. The first tree planted was for Captain Graham Bisdee, this duty being performed by Mrs Alley. Prior to the planting Warden Lester addressed the gathering, complimenting the residents on patriotism. He also embraced the opportunity to draw attention to the forthcoming war loan, and appealed to his hearers to assist to the utmost. Afternoon tea, supplied by a bevy of ladies, was nicely laid out in the hall, proceeds being in aid of the Red Cross circle.

Weekly Courier Thurs September 12 p33



Planting a tree for Nurse Burbury at Jericho
Weekly Courier Sept 12th 1918 p23




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