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Soldiers’ Memorial

Tree Planting at Kempton

The residents of Kempton gathered together last week to plant an avenue of trees along principal in the town to the memory of the soldiers who have gone from there. A busy scene was enacted, when men, women, and children engaged in the work. An engine, lent by Mr Goodwin, was used for cutting the timber into the required length. The work could not be completed owing to the shortage of timber. It is expected that about thirty trees will be planted.

The Mercury August 22nd 1918 page 6


Highway Trees To Be Cut Near Kempton

Memorial street trees planted after the First World War at Kempton and Melton Mowbray are to be heavily cut where they encroach on the Midlands Highway. The Green Ponds Council Clerk (Mr. R C Raymond) said at the council meeting yesterday that the district highways superintendent (Mr. R B Pitt) had stated that the trees would have to be trimmed back from the highway and reduced to a height of under 18ft. Complaints had been made about the trees encroaching on the highway. It had been suggested that the trees be removed. Cr H D Hallam said he would oppose the removal of the trees, which were planted in memory of individual soldiers. He suggested that consideration be given to planting another row of trees on the inside of a fence adjoining the highway. When the new trees were established the present trees could be removed on one side of the road. It was agreed to invite tenders for the trimming the trees.

The Mercury May 22nd, 1954


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