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Trees Will Form A Memorial Avenue

Trees will be planted along the driveway to Launceston’s War Memorial to form a memorial avenue. The trees should be planted within four weeks. The chairman of the War Memorial Community Centre Association (Mr N A Findlay) announced the project yesterday. The trees will be planted on both sides of the driveway leading from High St to the War Memorial Hall. Pillars of stone and wrought iron will be built on either side of the driveway entrance bordering High St. The pillars will be lighted to give them added effect at night. Mr Findlay said that the association had asked the Launceston City Council for approval of the scheme. The council’s general committee would recommend the scheme to Council. The association’s objective was to improve the entrance to the War Memorial Hall.

Tree donations

The association would approach specified number of patriotic and service associations. Each would be asked to donate a tree. A plaque bearing the donor’s name would be attached to each tree. Mr Findlay said that the Council had improved the Windmill Hill reserve to where it had become one of the city’s most popular rendezvous for citizens and tourists. The improvements to the reserve combined with the attractive city baths building and the memorial hall would be enhanced by the avenue and entrance pillars. “The new imposing entrance and the memorial avenue will greatly add to the dignity of it all,” he said.

Examiner August 4th 1961


Agreement on L’ton memorial

Agreement with the Launceston City Council on the Memorial Avenue on Windmill Hill was reported at the final meeting for the year of the Launceston War Memorial Community Centre Association.

The Council will erect two light standards at the High St entrance to the avenue to carry the required plaques, together with two circular flower beds and a low stone kerbing about nine inches high.

The association will bear the cost of this work and the Council will install and maintain the lighting and the flowerbeds.

The association considered this a very satisfactory arrangement.

Twenty-one patriotic and service organisations have agreed to carry the cost of the memorial trees which have already been planted.

The association will conduct an official opening and dedication of the avenue, followed by a function in the hall, when the Council has completed the work.

Examiner December 7th 1961


Final Agreement on War Memorial

The Launceston City Council and the War Memorial Community Association have agreed on the cost and design of lighting of the proposed war memorial avenue at Windmill Hill.

This was announced at the final meeting for the year of the association.
The council is to erect light standards and plaques at the entrance to the memorial drive of trees and to construct flower beds around the trees. The association if to pay the cost of the construction and the council will maintain the lights and the flower beds.

More than 20 patriotic and service organisations have agreed to pay the cost of the trees already planted.

The balance indicated that revenue from the rental of the hall this year will be £1,182 - £300 up on 1960.

Mercury December 7th 1961





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