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Soldiers’ Memorial Trees

A public meeting is to be held in the hall on Tuesday evening, the object being to arrange a working committee for the planting of memorial trees to fallen soldiers. It is to be hoped that every soldier serving his King and country will be represented by a relative or friend. The ground will require cleaning, levelling, and ploughing ready for planting and the erection of tree guards.

The North-Western Advocate and Emu Bay Times July 11 1918 p2



Council news

Soldiers’ Avenue

H J Saltmarsh, North Motton, wrote asking permission to plant an avenue of trees on the side of the road in North Motton in memory of our fallen heroes. Permission was granted. It was stated in support of the application that the portion of the road where it was proposed to plant the trees was eminently suitable.

The North-Western Advocate and Emu Bay Times July 15 1918 p3



Honoring the Fallen

A public meeting was held in the hall on Tuesday to make arrangements for planting memorial trees for fallen soldiers. A good number of residents were present. Mr Guthrie presided, and it was decided to apply to the Leven Council for permission to utilise that piece of land opposite the hall, which is suitable for the purpose. On Saturday afternoon a large number of willing workers came along and soon got to work, and the cleaning, grubbing and carting away of the rubbish proceeded quickly. The accumulations of nearly half a century was carted away, and then the ground was ploughed and is now ready for planting. Amongst the workers were Messrs. W Brett, G Delaney, N Thompson, A Mantach, R Shadbolt, G Hutton, C Johnstone, J Chilcott, A Brothers, P Hall, G Bennett, W Deacon, E Murray, H Saltmarsh, D Guthrie, G McPhail, H Dodery, and L Tongs. Mr R Shadbolt brought a team of bullocks with him and did good work with them. Messrs Saltmarsh and Guthrie each brought a plough and team. The young ladies provided afternoon refreshments, which were much appreciated. It is not yet decided what variety of trees is to be planted; that item is left to the secretary and chairman, the Norfolk Island pine being favoured generally.

The North-Western Advocate and Emu Bay Times July 23 1918 p2



Account of a meeting and address
by Hon W G Spence MHR
on the war, musical items etc

A collection was taken up to defray expenses and the balance devoted to the tree avenue for fallen soldiers.

The North-Western Advocate and Emu Bay Times August 3 1918 p2



A working bee took place at North Motton on Saturday afternoon for the purpose of clearing the roadside preparatory to tree planting. A large and representative gathering was present at the appointed hour with mattocks, spades, and other implements, and a complete alteration was effected by the gang of willing workers. Afternoon tea supplied by Mrs Wood was appreciated.

Examiner September 5th 1918 p6



Off to the Country: An Afternoon at North Motton

… Immediately in front of the hall, on the opposite side of the road, is the Soldiers’ Memorial Avenue, along which trees were recently planted. Each is a memory, marked with the name of a “soldier brave and true” who enlisted from the district for service in the Great War.

Advocate February 26th 1936



Memorial Trees

 For a long time it has been apparent that the trees, a variety of spruce, planted some years ago as a tribute to the men of the district who enlisted for service in the great war, are unsuited to local conditions. The trees, which are on the main road, and extend in a row from opposite the post office to beyond the school, have, in the course of years, made very little progress. In response to a petition prepared by Mr. H E Boon, and signed by t he requisite number of rate-payers, a well-attended meting convened by the Warden was held in the North Motton Hall on Wednesday, Cr. Viney presiding instead of the Warden, who was unavoidably absent, and on whose behalf Cr. Viney tendered an apology. It was unanimously agreed that the trees should be replaced by a variety more suited to the situation, and to that end the council is to be asked for permission to replace the existing trees with a suitable flowering gum. An executive committee, consisting of Messrs Boon, Gillard and Greaves was elected, together with a general committee. If possible the planting of the new trees will be done by the boys of the State school as the Arbor Day ceremony for this year. The head teacher (Mr. W T Greaves) agreed to co-operate in a plan suggested by Mr. H E Boon, whereby a number of the trees will be cared for by school boys, a record to be kept of the names of succeeding boys caring for each tree. A number of those present each promised to donate at least sufficient to purchase a tree, and Mr. Boon’s offer to collect donations towards the expense involved in purchasing and guarding the trees was gratefully accepted. Mr. Boon would be greatly helped in his task if residents who are sympathetic with the movement would forward donations to him.

Advocate May 1934



Memorial Trees

A meeting of the committee in charge of the re-planting of the Soldiers’ Memorial trees was held on Wednesday night, when it was found that much progress had been made. It was reported that cash donations were coming in freely, in addition to which Mr. J. Chilcott had donated 100 droppers and Mr. H. J. Saltmarsh the necessary straining posts. Application to the Education department by the head teacher resulted in permission having been obtained for the alteration of the local school celebration of Arbor Day to coincide with the committee’s arrangements for planting. At this ceremony the RSSILA, Druids and other organisations will be represented. A working bee to prepare the ground and erect the fence has been arranged for Friday, June 22. It is hoped a large number of helpers will attend.

Advocate June 15th 1934



Memorial Avenue

A meeting of the committee which managed the re-planting of the trees in the Soldiers’ Memorial Avenue was held on Friday night. Mr. H. Boon presented a statement, which showed that the scheme had cost about £10. After all accounts were paid and the surplus material sold a small balance was in hand, sufficient to meet such small expenditure as may be expected for some time to come. Messrs. H. Boon, S. Gillard and C. Viney were elected a committee to watch over the avenue, with power to expend such amounts as may be necessary from time to time to keep the avenue in order. Gratitude was expressed toward the Leven Council for a donation of £2/2/, and the undertaking by the council to keep down undergrowth on the area. Votes of thanks to donors and others whose voluntary efforts made the carrying out of the plan possible were carried.

Advocate July 1934

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